‘Glanbia has committed to implement a strategic development plan for the sector’ – IFA

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has stated that it has stood down its protests at Portlaoise and Clonroche following an improvement in price from Glanbia Ireland.

In a statement to AgriLand the IFA said: “The feed barley price, including contracted winter Cassia barley, will increase by €3/t for members and €1/t for non-members. The feed wheat price will increase by €5/t for members and €3/t for non-members.”

The organisation also added that “a market-based review structure will be explored and Glanbia has committed to implement a strategic development plan for the sector”.

Joe Healy stated: “I want to acknowledge the engagement by Glanbia in recent days and the price increases. The strategic development plan has to deliver real benefits for growers.”

IFA Grain Committee chairman Mark Browne noted that grain farmers are under significant income pressure and that this deal will mean an increase in the price paid for barley and for wheat. He added that this price will help to strengthen the overall grain market.

“I want to thank the IFA Grain Committee, growers and IFA officers for supporting the protest,” he said.

Combines can return to their sheds

On a side note, the first thing that sprung to many peoples’ minds when looking at images from the grain committee’s protests was that the combines, which formed the backdrop to the protests, had been sitting in the wet since Friday, October 4 (Portlaoise) and Saturday, October 5 (Clonroche).

During that time many farmers took shelter from heavy rain showers in a nearby trailer, but the combines remained out in the damp.

Combines weren’t built for the rain and both owners will no doubt be glad to get them back under cover.