Germinal Ireland appoints new General Manager

Germinal Ireland has appointed Dermot Campion as their new General Manager to succeed longstanding Managing Director Oliver Vaughan.

Campion joined Germinal in 2001, holds a BAgSc from UCD and is from Co.Tipperary.

His long association with the company puts him in the ideal position to fulfil the ambitious plans for Germinal Ireland, according to Germinal.

Campion, has said that he is looking forward to working with the Germinal team on the challenges that lie ahead.

“Oliver played a pivotal role in the development of Germinal Ireland and has left things in great shape. My role will be to build on these firm foundations.”

Dermot Campion, new General Manager at Germinal Ireland
Dermot Campion, new General Manager at Germinal Ireland

Outgoing General Manager Oliver Vaughan is to take up the position of Chairman of Germinal Ireland.

In his new capacity as Chairman of the company, he said that the vision for future growth will continue to be fuelled by the need to find innovative ways to improve performance, constantly looking beyond the present in a global capacity.

We believe in our products and their performance and we believe that this is what makes us trusted leaders in agribusiness here in Ireland.

The formation of Germinal Ireland in 1982 was followed by strong growth under the direction of Vaughan, to the extent that the company is now a market leader in forage seeds and related technical expertise in Ireland.

Looking back to the early days, Vaughan said that variety selection was not as important then as today.

“Farmers now have the advantage of selecting mixtures based on the Department Recommended list and more recently the PPI list, all backed with advanced technical expertise,” he said.

Germinal Ireland is a key part of the Germinal Group, which was formed in 1825 and also incorporates Germinal Northern Ireland, Germinal GB, and Germinal New Zealand.

The company has key relationships with the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Science (IBERS) in Wales which plays host to their impressive science based research protocol, as well as AFBI, Barenbrug and also Teagasc here in Ireland.

Germinal’s grass and clover varieties are distributed worldwide in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand and the company is one of the shining lights in the Irish agribusiness sector.