Friesian and coloured bulls required for export

There is some good news for farmers with Friesian and continental bulls for sale. Purcell Brothers has started buying for a consignment of bulls destined for Libya.

The company has secured a contract for over 2,000 bulls which will depart Waterford in early May. The same exporter shipped a consignment of continental bulls to Libya late last month.

For this shipment, Purcell Brothers requires mostly Friesian bulls – weighing between 200kg and 550kg – under 30 months-of-age; the continental bulls required must be in the region of 450kg.

This is welcome news and will provide an outlet for farmers with older, heavier bulls falling into this weight bracket. In addition, this should create competition and boost prices ringside.

Libya has proven to be a popular market for Irish cattle in recent months, but still remains volatile. This will be the second shipment to the country this year.

Other export news

Global Livestock has also been busy sourcing cattle for the Turkish market, as reported last month. This consignment of continental bulls will set sail next month.

The shipment will consist of 3,500 coloured weanling bulls – weighing between 250kg and 330kg – under 12 months-of-age.

Last month, moves by live exporters to fulfill large contracts of weanling bulls were welcomed by independent TD for Kerry Danny Healy-Rae.

“I welcome these developments which should reflect in better prices for farmers in Kerry and countrywide.

“I have been raising the need for this in the Dáil for many months and I will continue to ask the minister to source additional export markets for live cattle and indeed for processed beef,” deputy Healy-Rae said.