Five meath farmers received €200k plus SFPs last year

The number of farmers in receipt of Single Farm Payments (SFP) in excess of €200k was 17 in 2012, according to latest figures from the Department of Agriculture, five of whom were registered in county Meath.

The second highest allocation was between €175k-€200k, which went to nine farmers and a further 22 farmers received between €150k-€175k.

According to the department, the lowest allocation was to 84,194 farmers who received less than €10k, with Mayo having the most number of farmers in receipt of the lowest sums, 9,902 farmers. The second lowest allocation was to 24,442 farmers who received between €10k-€20k, and 8,157 farmers who received between €20k-€30k.

The statistics were released this week by the department on the back of a parliamentary question raised in Dail Eireann by Sean Fleming TD.

A 50 per cent advance on SFPs for this year are set to be paid out to more than 100,000 farmers across Ireland next week.

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By Ciaran Moran

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