Five countries win World titles at Golden Shears

An unprecedented five countries have won titles on the final day of the 16th Golden Shears World shearing and woolhandling championships today in Gorey, Ireland.

South African retained both the individual and teams titles in blades shearing, but the other titles were sheared. With New Zealander Rowland Smith winning the gamour individual machine shearing title and Scotland the teams event, while in the woolhandling Hilary Bond won England’s first world title by winning the individual event, while Wales broke New Zealand’s dominance in the teams event.
Results of finals on the last day of the 16th Golden Shears World Championships in Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland, today (May 25):
Machine shearing:

Individual final (20 sheep): Rowland Smith (New Zealand) 15min 55.517sec, 58.926pts, 1; Gavin Mutch (Scotland) 15min 47.331sec, 62.067pts, 2; Hamish Mitchell (Scotland) 15min 15.497sec, 62.525pts, 3; Gareth Daniel (Wales) 15min 42.966sec, 62.648pts, 4; John Kirkpatrick (New Zealand) 16min 16.483sec, 63.024pts, 5; Shannon Warnest (Australia) 17min 6.006sec, 64.2pts, 6.

Teams final (16 sheep): Scotland (Gavin Mutch/Hamish Mitchell) 13min 33.227sec, 54.786pts, 1; Wales (Gareth Daniel/Richard Jones) 14min 26.214sec, 55.061pts, 2; New Zealand (John Kirkpatrick/Rowland Smith) 13min 50.613sec, 55.281pts, 3; Ireland (Ivan Scott/Tom Kennedy) 14min 29.437sec, 55.281pts, 4; Australia (Shannon Warnest/Jason Wingfield) 14min 52.6sec, 62.068pts, 5; Northern Ireland (Jack Robinson/Ian Montgomery) 15min 55.377sec, 62.068pts, 6.

Individual final (8 fleeces): Hilary Bond (England) 177.4pts, 1; Ronnie Goss (New Zealand) 203.2pts, 2; Jonathan Haakull (Norway) 217.6pts, 3; Leanne Bertram (Scotland) 4; Aled Jones (Wales) 5; Meinir Evans (Wales) 6.

Teams final (8 fleeces): Wales (Meinir Evans/Aled Jones) 167.4pts, 1; New Zealand (Joel Henare/Ronnie Goss) 246.2pts, 2; Scotland (Leanne Bertram/Kirsty Donald) 300.6pts, 3.

Blade shearing:
Individual final (7 sheep): Mayenzeke Shweni (South Africa) 17min 21.243sec, 61.205pts, 1; Zweliwile Hans (South Africa) 16min 24.204sec, 85.782pts, 2; Tony Dobbs (New Zealand) 17min 36.08sec, 89.09pts, 3; Brian Thomson (New Zealand) 18min 48.446sec, 94.137pts, 4; Elfed Jackson (Wales) 20min 19.788sec, 113..989pts, 5; George Mudge (England) 23min 14.723sec, 124.593pts, 6.

Teams final (6 sheep): South Africa (Zweliwile Hans/Mayenzeke Shweni) 16min 31.794sec, 82.09pts, 1; New Zealand (Tony Dobbs/Brian Thomson) 16min 43.33sec, 87.667pts, 2; Australia (John Dalla/Ken French) 16min 38.112sec, 99.906pts, 3; Wales (Elfed Jackson/Gareth Owen) 19min 2.714sec, 103.969pts, 4; Ireland (Peter Heraty/Seamus Joyce) 21min 1.223sec, 120.061pts, 5; England (George Mudge/Andrew Wear) 24min 29.685sec, 124.484pt, 6.