Fertiliser Update: Sales pick up pace and prices ease

Fertiliser sales have picked up a pace this week on the back of much-improved weather and the start of the spring sowing season, according to the IFA’s latest price update.

It says CAN prices eased back as the latest price increase from the manufacturers and the trade met with significant resistance at farm level.

According to the IFA price quotes for granulated CAN have dropped back from €270/t for single lift bags delivered farm to €262/t with buyer groups achieving a discount on this price for volume orders.

It says compounds have also moved lower with the keenest quotes for 18-6-12 and 27-2.5-5 falling below the €370/t price mark for volume orders. 24-2.5-10 is trading €7/t over 27’s.

Meanwhile, on the international front CAN manufacturers have attempted to hold firm on prices but buyer resistance has seen prices drop to €223/t for bulk CAN cif Germany.

The IFA is advising farmers that they should only buy on a hand to mouth basis coordinating deliveries among a few neighbours as market observers expect fertiliser prices to drop further as the season moves on.

Source: IFA

Other Prices

  • Granular urea bulk delivered €316 – €325
  • CAN bulk delivered €254 – €268
  • 10-10-20 bulk delivered €398 – €415
  • ASN bulk delivered €279 – €295