Fertiliser prices: CAN ranging from €270/t to €285/t

Fertiliser prices have dropped back in recent weeks. AgriLand took a round up of prices from merchants in various parts of the country.

These prices are on a per tonne basis when sold in big bags – 500kg. Anyone buying bulk fertiliser can expect to pay less.

Prices, as always, will vary with amount purchased, time of payment and the size of the load if delivered. The prices at the lower end of the scale in this article can be taken as cash prices, where full loads are delivered.

As always, anyone paying down the line can expect to pay at the higher end of the scale.

CAN and CAN + S

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) was varying in price from €270/t to €285/t.

CAN plus sulphur (S) was €15/t more expensive in most cases.

The lower end of the scale saw CAN + S priced at €285/t and reach up to €297/t.


18-6-12 ranged from €370/t to €385/t. Pasture Sward type products, containing 27-2.5-5, were selling in or around the same price as 18-6-12 with most merchants.

Cut Sward products (24-2.5-10) were approximately €10/t dearer in most cases. These products ranged in price from €380/t to €395/t.

How do these prices compare to 2018?

AgriLand carried out a round up of fertiliser prices on April 19 last year. At that time CAN was trading at between €250/t and €260/t.

SuperNet (CAN + S) was priced approximately at €10/t ahead of CAN at this time last year, compared to approximately €15/t this year. It was trading at €260-€270/t.

18-6-12 was priced much lower at €340-€354/t. Pasture Sward was priced between €350/t and €360/t, while Cut Sward was approximately €10/t more expensive at €360-€370/t.