Farmer offers reward as machinery worth thousands stolen in midlands raid

Farm machinery was stolen in Co. Laois earlier this week, with a number of items – worth thousands of euros – taken.

Lifted in the raid was an Ifor Williams 120 livestock trailer, with sheep decks, and a red 2007 Suzuki KingQuad ATV. A bolt-cutters was also stolen.

The victim’s farm, located in the parish of Camross, Co. Laois, not far from Ballaghmore, was robbed at some time between 6:30pm and 10:00pm last Tuesday night, October 17.

The victim of the robbery, Arien Delaney, has offered a reward for any information leading to the recovery of the items. He added that there are distinguishing markings on the machinery which he would easily recognise.

Delaney, a well-known local GAA man, claims the thieves must have been armed with local information, as the raid occurred over a short time-frame. He also believes the farm could have been ‘scoped out’ leading up to the robbery.

Image of a trailer similar to the one that was taken

“The lane it was taken from is beside the house. If I had been there I would have heard the machinery being moved regardless of the time, but they took it when there was nobody around,” he said.

It is likely that more than one vehicle was used to transport the machinery away.

The robbery was one of a series of raids to occur in the area, with a number of neighbouring homes also hit in the past week. Delaney himself has suffered a previous robbery too.

Image of a quad similar to the one that was taken
Image of a quad similar to the one that was taken

Delaney also noted that the violent storm earlier this week had caused outages on some security systems.

Delaney suspects that the machinery may have been hidden in a local area, before being moved further afield. He is urging local farmers and landowners to check their properties for any signs of disturbance, or trace of the vehicles.

“People are living in fear in the local countryside. It’s only a matter of time before something even more serious happens,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Delaney himself at: 087-7715772 or to contact Portlaoise Garda Station at: 057-8674100.