Farm safety week amidst busy harvest season

This week is Farm Safety Week and it coincides with an extremely busy period on many tillage farms – harvest.

Harvest means hard work and often long hours, but farmers and contractors need to remember to look after themselves, their family and the staff working on farms.


While there is plenty of work to be done at harvest time it is important to take regular breaks and ensure that everyone is getting enough sleep.

If you are tired accidents are more likely to occur, so farmers should ensure that they are getting enough sleep and are eating regular meals.


Stress can also increase the likelihood of an accident occurring so try and take as much stress out of the busy times of the year as possible by being prepared. This might involve having diesel or spare parts ordered, having machinery maintained ahead of the harvest and having some essentials nearby.

Machinery accounts for 50% of all farm deaths

The tillage industry is now heavily dependent on machinery.

Machinery and vehicles account for 50% of all farm deaths and it is essential that tractors and machinery are in good working order and are serviced and maintained regularly.

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Before starting a job, make a plan. Think about the task at hand and take a few minutes before starting into the work. Don’t rush. Those few moments could make all the difference.

“Who would fill your boots?” That’s one question being asked as part of Farm Safety Week. Don’t rush into a job.

Farm Safety Week runs in Ireland and the UK from July 20 to July 24.