Factory prices for steers, heifers and cows

National Average Factory Prices for steers, cows, heifers for the week 11 November 2013 to the 17 November, as reported by the Department of Agriculture this afternoon.


Average cow prices were a mixed bag last week. A definite highlight was U=3= cows, which were on average making 390c/kg up a significant €0.4 on the previous week. However R=3= grade cows were down receiving 352c/kg on average, down a significant €0.11 on the previous week. O=3= were also down last week at 322c/kg showing a €0.10 on the previous week.


Factory prices received by farmers for steers were more or less unchanged last week but were generally down across grade classifications. National average prices for U=3= cattle was 418c/kg last which represents a €0.3 fall when compared previous week. For cattle in the R=3= grade 404c/kg was received on average by farmers which is unchanged on the previous week. For O=3= steers farmers received on average 384c/kg down €0.4 on the previous week.


Heifers were a mixed bag last week. Quality U=3= heifers were making 441c/kg last week €0.4 up on the previous week. However, farmers killing R=3= heifers were receiving 418c/kg on average which is down €0.1 on the previous week. O=3= heifers average prices also showed a fall last week at 403c/kg down €0.1 on the previous week.


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