€3.5 million approved for rural volunteering supports

An allocation of €3.5 million has been approved to support volunteering across the country by Minister of State at the Department of Rural and Community Development Sean Kyne earlier today.

Through the funding, the Department of Rural and Community Development has said it is supporting volunteer centres in 21 counties as well as a number of national organisations such as Volunteer Ireland and Young Social Innovators.

Commenting on the move, Minister Kyne said: “Volunteering positively impacts every community across every city and county in Ireland with people contributing on a regular basis in all sorts of ways.

Many organisations, projects and initiatives depend on volunteers to continue to make a difference.

“The funding from my department under the Supports for the Community Voluntary Programme is designed to strengthen and foster volunteerism in Ireland with a support structure that develops volunteering locally,” the minister added.

“At a local level the volunteer centres, such as Galway Volunteer Centre, play an essential role in facilitating volunteering by publicising opportunities and providing information and advice to volunteers and organisations.

I’m pleased to be able to approve €2.68 million to support the network of volunteer centres across the country.

“I am also pleased to be able to approve an increase allocation of core funding for Volunteer Ireland up €33,800 to €351,800,” the minister said.

“Volunteer Ireland provides a number of important supports to volunteer centres including the I-VOL national volunteering database. A further €100,000 is being allocated to support the Volunteer Information Services which operates in counties not currently served by volunteer centres,” Minister Kyne concluded.


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