Improve your wall building skills with new course

Dry stone walls are an important component of the Irish landscape.

They are durable and attractive field boundary features which will last for many lifetimes if properly maintained. Dry stone walls provide excellent shelter and homes for a wide range of small mammals, birds and insects.

While many dry stone walls have been well maintained and remain effective stockproof barriers, others are in need of rebuilding. CAFRE which provides education and training in the food and land based sectors in Northern Ireland are planning to hold a Dry Stone Walling training event in mid-October 2014 at the CAFRE’s Greenmount Hill Farm, Glenwherry Co. Antrim. Depending on interest another training event may be organised at a later date.

The course will give participants the skills and knowledge to repair and maintain dry stone walls to:

  • Be stockproof;
  • Maintain biosecurity with neighbouring farms;
  • Comply with Agri-environment Scheme agreements; and
  • Be of a type and style used in that locality.

The training course will take place for one day and will include both a classroom session and on site practical. Course content will include health & safety, types and styles of dry stone walls, site preparation, stone selection and wall building.

Participants will be asked to bring strong work gloves, steel toe capped boots and warm outdoor clothing. Safety spectacles may also be required.


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