Domestic milk intake up 7.0% in May

Domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers was estimated at 784.4 million litres for May 2014. This was 7.0% above the corresponding 2013 figure.

Comparing the May 2014 milk produce figures with those for May 2013 shows that total milk sold for human consumption increased by 5.8% to 43.4 million litres. Also butter production was up 7.6% to 21,300 tonnes.

The May results follows a bumper month for milk intake in April which was estimated at 694.9 million litres for April 2014. This was 22.2% above the corresponding 2013 figure according to the Central Statistics Office.

In the UK daily deliveries for the two weeks ending June 14 averaged 41.4m litres/day, 1.6m litres/day (4.1%) higher than the same period last year. Daily deliveries for this period were 1.4m (3.6%) higher compared with the 3-year average.



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