Domestic milk intake up 5.1% in September

milk intake september

Domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers was estimated at 523.7 million litres for September 2014 according to latest figures from the CSO.

This was some 5.1% above the corresponding 2013 figure.

Comparing the September 2014 milk produce figures with those for September 2013 shows that total milk sold for human consumption decreased by 4.4% to 37.4 million litres.

Butter production during the month was up 16.0% to 15,700 tonnes.

It is estimated that Ireland was 6.93% over quota in September, according to latest data received by the Department of Agriculture from milk purchasers.

According to Minister for Agriculture Simon Conveney “It remains critically important that individual milk producers continue to manage their enterprises, having regard to the quota situation, until the expiry of the milk quota regime next March. Milk producers who are in an over-quota position should consult with their dairy advisors and examine ways in which any potential super levy bill can be mitigated,” the Minister stated.

The most recent available information on the EU’s Milk Market observations also indicates that EU Milk deliveries for the period of January to July 2014 are 5.8% higher than those for the same period in 2013.


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