Dairygold cuts July milk price by 2c/L

Dairygold has cut its July milk price by 2c/L, following the lead of other dairy processors including Kerry, Glanbia and Town of Monaghan who also cut their respective milk prices.

The board of Dairygold met yesterday and the 2c/L cut means its July milk price is 35c/L (inc VAT).

Last week Aurivo Co-op has held its milk price for July. A spokesperson for Aurivo confirmed that its producers will be receiving, 37.0c/L (inc. VAT), for milk supplied in July. This is the same price that was paid the previous month.

Town of Monaghan co-op also announced that it has cut its July milk price by 1c/L to 35.5c/L. This follows on from the Glanbia, Lakeland and Kerry also cutting their July milk prices.

Lakeland Dairies confirmed this morning that its 1c/L price cut brings its base milk price for the month of July to 36c/L inc.Vat.

The Board of Glanbia Ingredients Ireland Limited decided on a 2c/L reduction to the base manufacturing milk price for the month of July to 35.24c/L inc. Vat.’ Ireland’s largest milk processor, Glanbia, had held the milk price in June at 37c/L following a previous 2c cut for May supplies. Kerry Group has cut its July milk price by 2c/L from 37c/L to 35c/L.


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