Cool unsettled weekend in store

The current cool, unsettled weather is set to continue through the weekend, according to Met Eireann, but dry conditions are expected from Monday if current indications persist.

It will be a cool and blustery day today (Friday, September 21), with sunny spells and scattered showers, the national meteorological office says.

Some of the showers will be heavy, especially in the west and north-west, but they will be more isolated in southern and eastern coastal areas and they will largely die out this evening.

Maximum temperatures will reach 12° to 15°, in fresh to strong west to north-west winds, slowly easing as the day progresses.

Tonight will be mainly dry, with clear spells, but a few isolated showers will occur along northern coasts.

Some mist patches will form overnight, while cloud will increase from the south-west, bringing outbreaks of rain to the south-west by morning.

Minimum temperatures will drop to 5° to 8°, in mostly light westerly breezes, fresh along northern coasts.

Drying conditions will vary, and are expected to be generally poor at first, but much better early next week.

Opportunities for spraying will be fairly limited over the coming days due to the generally unsettled conditions. These should improve next week, however.

Regarding field conditions, soil moisture deficits are still high in eastern and southeastern areas, generally between 30mm and 55mm.

This situation is likely to improve over the weekend in southern areas at least.


Tomorrow, Saturday, will be mainly dry at first, but rain in the south-west will extend gradually northeastwards during the course of the morning and afternoon, turning heavy at times in parts of Munster and south Leinster.

However, it will remain dry in many parts of the north and north-west, with just a few isolated showers, Met Eireann forecasts.

It will be cold, with maximum temperatures of just 10° to 13°, in light to moderate mainly east to south-east winds, freshening along southern western coasts.

Saturday night will be cloudy and wet, with rain becoming widespread – and heavy in places. Minimum temperatures will stay at 6° to 10°, with it mildest in the south and south-east.

Winds will be mostly moderate easterly, but it will become very windy along southern, western and some eastern coasts.


Sunday will see widespread rain at first, heavy in places, but it is expected to brighten up gradually from the west during the morning, with sunny spells developing.

A few scattered showers will occur, most of them in the north and north-west.

It will be very windy for a time, especially in coastal areas, with fresh to strong and gusty northerly winds, but winds will ease gradually as the day progresses.

It will be cold, with maximum temperatures of 10° to 13°, but should be a little milder in the south-east.

Monday should see the start of some mainly dry and settled weather, with sunny spells, but it will be cloudy at times in places, especially in the north and north-west, Met Eireann says.