Cattle prices steady – Bord Bia

The cattle trade and cattle prices remains steady this week despite some increase in cattle being marketed. This is according to latest figures from Bord Bia out yesterday.

” Cattle prices continues to be helped by tight supplies across the UK and other key European markets combined with some improvement in market demand in response to markets settling back to more normal levels following the holiday period,” the Irish Food Board noted.

It found base quotes under the Quality Payment System continued to make between €4.10 to €4.15/kg for steers and €4.20 to €4.25/kg for heifers. The trade for cull cows also remains steady, with quotes for O grades now generally making between €3.30 and €3.50/kg, it said.

“Cattle supplies at export meat plants for the week ending 24 August stood at 27,300 head, which was marginally lower than the corresponding week in 2012. For the year to-date, cattle throughput is running almost 81,000 head above last year’s levels. Steers and cows continue to account for most of the increase in supplies.”

In Britain, Bord Bia noted trade was steady throughout the week as the market continues to settle back after the holiday season. “Best demand reported is for steak cuts and forequarter product. However, trade for round cuts is described as slower than usual. The  AHDB reported some further easing in prices, with  the GB R4L steer price now making 393.8p/kg (equivalent to €4.61/kg excl VAT) for the week ending the 24th of August,” it said.

In terms of the Continent, Bord Bia said there has been some seasonal shift towards forequarter cuts from hindquarter cuts.

“The return to schools has boosted demand for product like chuck. However, as weather conditions start to cool throughout Europe, demand for fillets and loins has begun to weaken. In Italy,  R3 young bull price is making €3.96/kg, while the O3 cow price is making €2.96/kg, In France, R3 young bull price was unchanged at €3.86/kg, while the O3 cow price fell by 2c/kg to €3.74/kg,” it concluded.

Ireland Meat Plant Cattle Prices (€/kg dw excluding VAT)

Week Ending % Change Average to Date % Ch
Cattle 25.08.2012 24.08.2013 Prev.Week Prev.Year 2012 2013
Steers O3 3.58 3.84 0.0 7.3 3.76 3.99 6.1
O4 3.59 3.86 0.3 7.5 3.76 4.01 6.6
R3 3.77 4.03 -0.2 6.9 3.92 4.17 6.4
R4 3.76 4.02 -0.2 6.9 3.91 4.16 6.4
U3 3.89 4.14 0.5 6.4 4.03 4.26 5.7
Young Bulls O3 3.65 3.67 1.9 0.5 3.79 3.90 2.9
R3 3.81 3.95 1.3 3.7 3.93 4.09 4.1
U3 3.93 4.04 0.5 2.8 4.01 4.17 4.0
Heifers O3 3.71 3.94 -0.3 6.2 3.87 4.16 7.5
O4 3.70 3.92 0.3 5.9 3.86 4.16 7.8
R3 3.91 4.15 -0.2 6.1 4.05 4.37 7.9
R4 3.89 4.14 -0.2 6.4 4.03 4.36 8.2
Cows O3 3.18 3.18 0.3 0.0 3.40 3.38 -0.6
O4 3.21 3.22 0.9 0.3 3.42 3.41 -0.3

Ireland male YTD chart
Ireland cow YTD chart
Ireland male YTD chart
Ireland cow YTD chart

Graphs courtesy Bord Bia
Main picture, Limousin suckler herd, Photo O’Gorman Photography.


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