Carbery, Dairygold and Aurivo set December milk prices

Carbery Co-op has followed the majority of milk processors in holding its milk price for December supplies of milk.

Carbery has held its price at 26.90c/L, the same price as the co-op paid for November supplies.

Dairygold has also decided to hold its milk price for December supplies at 25.5c/L.

It follows, Glanbia, Kerry and Aurivo in holding the milk price for December.

Aurivo has decided to hold its price for December milk at 25.00c/L; the fourth consecutive month it has held the price.

LacPatrick Co-op also set its price for milk supplies in December – it added a year-end 1c/L bonus for manufacturing milk in December.

Last week, Glanbia, Lakeland Dairies and Kerry Group all held their milk price for December supplies of milk.

Lakeland Dairies was the first to set a price for December milk, holding at 26.25c/L, while Kerry Group also held its milk price for December supplies at 25.00c/L.

Kerry Group had cut its price for November supplies by 1c/L.

The December milk price for Glanbia members was held at 25c/L last week, including 1c/L of support from Glanbia co-op to its members.

The Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) market price was unchanged at 24c/L.


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