Bennington tops the winter wheat list on yield

The 2019 recommended winter wheat list – published by the Department of Agriculture – saw Bennington and Torp make it onto the fully-recommended list.

Bennington topped that list for relative yield at a score of 103, while Torp and KWS Conros came in a close second at 102. Garrus followed at 101.

Also on the list are: Avatar (100); Costello (100); JB Diego (100); and KWS Lili (99).

KWS Conros

KWS Conros stands out among the varieties; it is on this year’s provisionally-recommended list. Coming in at a high relative yield score of 102, the variety tops a lot of other boxes. It scored an 8 for both resistance to lodging and straw breakdown, while it dropped to a 5 for earliness of ripening.

On the disease resistance rankings, it falls to a 5 for septoria. However, it achieved an 8 for mildew and yellow rust. No data was available for fusarium ear blight, but it scored a 7 for sprouting.

It should be noted that limited data was available on KWS Conros, as this was its first year on the list.

JB Diego

JB Diego is still an old reliable variety. First listed in 2010, it has a relative yield of 100 and – while it is falling behind on some disease resistance characteristics – it is a well-liked variety by many farmers. Hectolitre weight is also good at 77.2.

Rockefeller was removed from the recommended list this year. Click here to view the recommended lists