Beef trade: More bite entering the trade

For the most part, beef processors are now operating off a base of 360c/kg for in-spec steers and heifers. However, there is more bite entering the trade and deals of 365c/kg have been achieved by some farmers with suitable numbers.

While 360c/kg is the common price on offer across the country, farmers with numbers of in-spec prime cattle, with a good factory-farmer relationship, are in poll position to achieve higher prices.

Looking at the cow trade, this too has improved in recent days. P-grade cows are now making anywhere from 275c/kg to 285c/kg depending on quality.

Moving to O-grades, these animals are achieving anywhere from 285c/kg to 300c/kg, while R-grading cows are being bought at 300-310c/kg.

Factories’ appetites for bulls continue to vary – with prices of 350c/kg for R grades. O-grade bulls are hovering around the 340c/kg mark and 360c/kg is being quoted for U-grade types.

The kill during the week ending June 21 hit 36,383 head – an increase of 1,839 head compared with the same week in 2019. The numbers of young bulls, steers, heifers and cows stood at 3,306, 13,591, 8,553 and 10,216 head, respectively.


In other news, the Turkish ministry has recently announced that the live imports of weanling cattle are set to resume in the coming weeks, which will be welcomed by Irish live export companies, Bord Bia has said.

In 2019, nearly 9,000 weanling animals were exported from Ireland to Turkey, with the middle-eastern country offering an important live export destination for Irish cattle.