Farmers must remove PI animals by tomorrow

Applicants for the Beef Genomics Scheme and those looking for BVD compensation have until tomorrow to remove PI calves from there herd.

According to the Animal Health Ireland PI calves born before June 15, 2014 must have a date of death recorded on the Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) system no later than 1st August 2014, while PI calves born after that date must have a date of death recorded within seven weeks of the initial test. Any PI cattle retained from 2012 or 2013 must also be removed.

IT says a large proportion of beef herds that are retaining PI calves have also enrolled in the Beef Genomic scheme (BGS). Farmers in this scheme should be aware that the removal of PIs with the above timescales is necessary to be eligible for payments within the BGS.

The terms and conditions of the Beef Genomics scheme also states that all animals with a current positive or inconclusive BVD test result must be removed to the knackery and have a date of death recorded on the Animal Identification Movement (AIM) system within 7 weeks of the date of the initial test in order to be eligible for aid under this programme.


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