Beef and cereal price slump hits Irish agricultural output

Latest figures from the CSO show that the agricultural output price index decreased by 1.1% in June 2014, compared with May 2014.

The agricultural input price index was down 0.2% over the same period. Thus, the resulting terms of trade index decreased by 0.9% in June 2014.

On an annual basis, the agricultural output price index in June 2014 was 10.4% lower than in June 2013. The agricultural input price index was down 4.8% in June 2014 compared with June 2013.

Beef prices were the hardest hit over the period with the cattle price index down over 16% on the same period last year. Cereal prices have also been hit hard with its index down over 28% over the period Jan-Jun on the same period in 2013. Milk output prices were also lower over the Jan-Jun period at -1.4%.

Input prices were also down in the main over the period Jan-Jun with fertiliser prices down 3.4% and feeding stuffs prices down over 10%.

Agricultural price indices


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