AgriLand’s top stories this week

Here’s our roundup of the top stories the past week, a good weekend read!

All things paperwork: Records for cattle birth, passport, movement and on-farm deaths to be joined up

All things potatoes: Sun, sea and potatoes

All things horsemeat: ABP Group to contest McAdam Food defamation allegations

All things ploughing: The plough and the stars, brochure out for 82nd National Ploughing Championships

All things milk: Aldi seeks third milk supplier in Ireland, admits possible milk supply error

All things beef: 700 beef farmers at Teagasc Better Farm Open Day

All things West Cork: West Cork cattle buffer zone disputes

All things fines: Ireland to repay €6m in farm payment errors and SFP ‘overpayment’ dispute heats up

All things great: What a day, what a show, Tullamore

All things business: A-maizing progress for Samco, Ernst & Young finalist

Don’t forget: The 72nd Virgina Show this Wednesday
What’s new:#AgChatIRL has joined AgriLand
Keep Watch: Fianna Fail and farmers feature this Sunday
And keep it sweet: A bed of roses for Dáithí Ó Sé


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