A handy guide on what to wear to the Ploughing Championships

With the Irish weather being so unpredictable it is important to dress practically for the National Ploughing Championships so you can enjoy the whole experience.

Getting drenched in a shower of rain because you left your rain jacket on the kitchen table and having to travel home in a pair of wet socks because you forgot to pack a spare is no ones idea of a fun day out.

Wellies are essential footwear at the ploughing, with over 250,000 people expected to attend the ploughing over the three days the site is sure to get a little mucky.

Top tip for anyone wearing wellies – put on two pairs of socks to help your feet with the endless walking you will find yourself doing exploring the 800ac site.

At the very least a good pair of hiking boots are needed, which will provide a more comfortable alternative to wellies.

A rain jacket is a must for anyone going to the ploughing, but keep in mind that if it stays dry that you will be carrying this around with you for the day, so choose a light one.

For those who are thinking of bringing umbrellas, only bring a small one. The 25km of walkways laid down at the ploughing will be thronged with people and you don’t want to be the person with the big golf umbrella that everyone has to dodge.


If it does rain, make sure you have a full change of clothes in the car along with a towel to dry yourself off before your long journey home.

To keep the car owner happy throw in a few plastic bags that you can put the wet clothes and mucky wellies in to keep the boot of the car clean.

Ireland is not the warmest of climates, so it is advisable to wrap up and wear multiple layers. But do take into account that you will be constantly on the move so maybe leave the big warm fleece at home.

While wandering the around the 1,500 or so exhibits you will come across an abundance of items you never knew you needed or wanted.

From free pens, to reflector jackets, to leaflets on new machinery. It is essential you bring a backpack with plenty of space for all of your purchases and freebies, a jacket with plenty of pockets will also help in this regard.