3 schoolboys arrested following acts of animal abuse on UK school farm

Three schoolboys have reportedly been arrested after they allegedly killed 11 chickens and attacked a pig on a school farm in the UK, according to various British publications.

The children – aged 12, 13 and 14 – are believed to have committed the crime over the Christmas holidays by breaking into the Westlands School in Sittingbourne, Kent, England, according to local publication KentLive.

The boys were arrested by local police on suspicion of criminal damage and animal cruelty. They have since been released pending further information on the case.

During the incident, which took place last Thursday (December 28), the chickens were reportedly stamped on and kicked around the school grounds. The pregnant pig is believed to have been beaten with a stick, while taps were turned on in an effort to flood the farm, according to The Daily Mail.

A post on Facebook from a student at the school in question indicated that four boys were responsible for the attack and that they had trespassed on the farm for four days straight.

The student detailed how two pregnant cows, a pregnant pig and seven piglets were all let out of their enclosures.

CCTV evidence allegedly proves that the boys beat the pig with sticks and kicked it – leaving it barely able to walk – and that the chickens had been stamped on and kicked, the post added. The post was published on the day of the incident.

“On the playground we found feathers scattered across it with blood as well.

I want those boys to be punished and know that what they have done has broken the law. The police have been contacted and will be following up on the situation.

“I am heartbroken by how these boys think it’s okay to abuse the animals I work with on a daily basis,” the student concluded.

This emotional post by the student went viral and was shared almost 34,000 times on Facebook.

In a further post on the popular social media site, the student thanked everyone for their support and explained that the police are investigating the incident.