3 bulls announced for the Dairy Gene Ireland programme

The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) has just released the latest list of dairy bulls which have been selected for its Gene Ireland Autumn programme.

The autumn season, it says, is defined as September 1 to February 28.

Gene Ireland, which is run by the ICBF, was created to provide dairy farmers with the next generation of genetics through the progeny testing of young bulls.

These young bulls – which are supplied by a number of AI companies – are used on good data recording herds, so that the ICBF can collect the relevant phenotypic information to produce genetic evaluations for these animals.

The programme was developed in 2005 and, since then, the progeny data has contributed significantly to the increased rate of genetic gain of the national dairy herd.

The bulls on offer

This autumn, the ICBF’s target is to test three young genomic bulls.

The packs available will contain the three young pedigree bulls listed below. The straws are available in packs of 24 (3 bulls x 8 straws) or 30 (3 bulls x 10 straws).

Why use Gene Ireland bulls?

Participating farmers have access to the next generation of genetics before any non-participating farmers; which essentially means their herd achieves greater genetic gain.

Even though you are accessing the next generation of genetics, the straws are cheap at only €8.50/straw, which is a great cost saving at an expensive time of the year.

In addition, a herd which uses these young bulls would be very attractive to AI companies for the future sourcing of young animals for the breeding programme – adding to the domestic sourcing of sires. At present, over 90% of sires tested are Irish bred.

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